ACI Applied Coatings, Inc.

Our Process

Protect your products with high quality coatings.

  • Electrostatic coatings of epoxy, nylon, urethane and polyester
  • Prototyping

During the applied coating process, the item to be treated is subjected to a rigorous series of preparatory processes to clean off rust, corrosion and any impurities in the metal.

This process is performed in a Burn-Off oven. Our 10’ by 5’ by 5’ Burn-Off oven can operate as high as 700 degrees (F) and will thermally fail the bonding agents of existing coatings or contaminants. Residues left can be easily removed with sandblasting. The burn-off process can be used to remove powder coating, enamel, epoxy, Teflon, paints, etc.
Burn-Off is suitable for items such as:

  • EVO-X Wheels
  • Engine Blocks
  • Car Parts
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Car Frames
  • ATV Frames
  • Electric Motors
  • Wrought Iron Gates
  • Wrought Iron Furniture
  • Coating Rejects
  • Rack Cleaning
  • Paint Line Hooks
  • Fixtures, and Floor
  • Grates
Sandblasting & Coating

We are committed to providing the best finish possible in the industry — and sandblasting is one way we deliver on that commitment. We believe the best finish is provided by blasting the part to open up the pores of the metal and provide the best possible surface for the coating.We operate our own blasting operation and use an 80 grit aluminum oxide in our process.

We use an epoxy and polyester blend for coating.  This greatly improves the item’s ability to resist corrosion, abrasions and impacts, and offers better insulation and lubricity than other forms of coating.

Stock and Special Colors are available.

Custom Blasting Projects

We will also quote blasting only projects on a custom basis.

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